MARCH 2020

Wed - Fri. -

by Appointment Only

Currently Located at 


2213 Pepperell Pkwy.

Opelika, AL 


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The Velvet Brush Studio 


is a working studio for

redesigns found pieces.

We are currently in the process of closing our location in Opelika, AL, so

it's all on sale till the end of February, 2020.

It's been quite an experience having a store for the past 2 years.

I've met some amazing people and learned a lot.

What I did learn is that having a store was too confining for me.

I missed out on a lot of business opportunities because of it.

Plus, I really miss my kids.

I have a new direction and different ideas heading into 2020.

It's not gonna be all about furniture either.

So I'm selling off pretty much everything I don't need.

There's some project pieces available, as well as some of the

DIY Supplies as well.


If you're interested in anything, 

please feel free to schedule an appointment with us an email at

Most of what's in the store is also available online



You still follow our progress on

Facebook Instagramand Pinterest. 





Customized Mannequin using Redesign with Prima transfers

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